Love Our Lurkers 6

So you’ve been checking my blog out? Yes. It is the 6th Annual Love Our Lurkers Day. OK, today is your day to let me know that you are here too. I am all about spanking. I talk about it, think about it, I guess sometimes I even dream (mostly daydream) about it. I am happy that you visit but sad that you don’t talk with me. You don’t have to say much. Maybe why you stopped by my blog. Would love to get to know you. Glad you could come and visit today.



3 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers 6

    • naughtyney says:


      I did not know that you visit my blog. I think I noticed it once but I am so glad that you are enjoying my posts. I’ve checked out your blog a couple of times. I need to visit you more often. I just learned about LOL 6 so I thought I would jump in. Have you checked out my DD forum? Its mostly for connecting with other spankos and for playing around. I like it just for entertainment and talking with my friends. Myself and a friend of mine put it together. You can find it at

      You can only see some basic stuff unless you become a member but membership is free so give it a try if you like. Anyway, thank you for mentioning that you stopped by again. Talk to you soon.


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