Welcome to the New Look and new Posts

Hello friends! Things have changed in my life in the last couple of years!

I am now married to my Top, she is an amazing woman and incredibly loving but seriously strict!!! Holy crap! Even though she’s rather vanilla to this life she isn’t wasting anytime getting on board with her strict ways.

Are you in a Domestic Discipline relationship or want to be? Let me hear from you.

Whether you are in a hetero or homosexual relationship doesn’t matter to me. Are you happy? That is what is important. I have many friends who are straight couples and gay couples.

Please let me know what you want to see/read on my blog.

I think newbies in the DD or spanko world sometimes come at this life as a playing field and are just scoping out what it is all about. I used to brat a previous Top of mine and whoa that is the worst thing to do. I usually got a lot more punishment/discipline than I was bargaining for and it was usually very intense.

What are some of your stories? I mean what has helped you by being in a Domestic Discipline relationship?

You want to know why I am? Well there are two reasons why I am in a DD relationship. 1. I am a spanko. I began early in my childhood being drawn to the idea of being spanked either playfully and being chastised and spanked as a punishment. I never fantasized about my parents spanking me but of someone I had a crush on…weird huh? 2. I find that when I am spanked that it actually changes my attitude.

I’ll keep writing if you’ll keep visiting. I’ll tell you about my most recent mistake of telling my wife “NO” when she told me to go get her something. Oh yeah, that didn’t turn out well. My bottom got the worst of that situation.


Happy Mother’s Day

It is a good day for all Mother’s today. We are courted like no other day. Breakfast in bed, given flowers, gifts, taken out to dinner and treated like a queen.

All of this is done because we love and adore our mothers. Moms are the ones who took care of us as babies and kissed us when we got hurt. They might have even been the ones to teach us a lesson by warming our bottoms with a spanking a time or two.

In honor of Mother’s Day I wrote a little story and posed it on my forum. I posted it on the open part of my forum so everyone could access it. Just go here to read it. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Mother’s Day. Just go to


Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello all you spankos out there. You know that Valentine’s Day is all wrapped up in love and romance and of course intimate gifts and pleasures. What is your idea of the favorite Valentine’s gift for you? Does your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend even know what you like? Do you talk about it or do you know each other so well that you just can get them the perfect gift?

I just wondered. Is your favorite gift an implement? Is your favorite gift a session OTK of your lover? Whatever your choice I hope you have a very special day today on Valentine’s Day.

May all your Valentine’s wishes come true.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers and visitors.



Collaborating Tops Discipline

When I feel a little better I will post about what happened to me today. I have never been disciplined like this and I don’t ever want it again. I am very sorry for what I did and I am very sore on my bottom. I bratted on 2 tops and they collaborated and I got the worst end of the deal. I gotta go now but I’ll write more maybe tomorrow.

Hope you guys are all being good and no one has to go OTK today. I am feeling very solemn and humble right now.

Talk to you guys soon.


Love Our Lurkers 6

So you’ve been checking my blog out? Yes. It is the 6th Annual Love Our Lurkers Day. OK, today is your day to let me know that you are here too. I am all about spanking. I talk about it, think about it, I guess sometimes I even dream (mostly daydream) about it. I am happy that you visit but sad that you don’t talk with me. You don’t have to say much. Maybe why you stopped by my blog. Would love to get to know you. Glad you could come and visit today.